21 March 2009

The Serendipity Berries Manifesto

So, this is it. Post 100 and my final blogger post (appropriately on 3/21/09). Unlike many creative types who blog to showcase their work and further their productivity, I blog to procrastinate and shirk my real writing duties. So, thank you for joining me for the ride. It was a fun exercise to write daily and then every weekday, but I must get back to my novel writing.
I leave you with one last episode of fist-waving on a soap box, a.k.a., the Serendipity Berries Manifesto. It's just eight things and won't make you Gandhi or Mother Theresa, but it might make you happy. And if you're leading a full life and spreading joy wherever you go, that's a pretty good start to making the world a better place.
1. Follow your passion. Waiting for a sign? The right moment? This is it. Right now.
I've never regretted taking risks, even when I've failed with flying colors. If you never fail, you're probably playing it too safe (a.k.a., failure by default). Like dating, sometimes you don't know till you try, and you're allowed to change your mind. The goal is to be fully alive and pushing yourself to maximize your potential.
2. Be nice. Kindness should be the default setting. I always regret straying from kindness.
3. Be grateful. Especially for simple pleasures and perfect moments. Appreciation is a peaceful, belly-warming feeling, and being conscious of how fortunate we are keeps us humble and committed to serving others.
4. Play. It's exercise for our creativity, and it's fun. And having fun is important. You don't get old until you stop having fun.
5. Create. Leave something meaningful behind when you die.
6. Travel. Go outside your comfort zone. It puts your life and reality in context. My partner and I are spending this week in Morocco-- with stopovers to explore in Amsterdam. Can't wait!
7. Laugh. Often. And especially at ourselves. Laughter makes us happy and enables us to make as many mistakes as we need to learn. I've heard it even cures cancer.
8. Love. Everyone. Everything. When you are filled with love, everything seems right with the world. Everyone is on your team, and together, you are invincible.
So, that's it. Just eight things. I wish you a happy, love-filled life.

Aiyo. I hate goodbyes. How about this? I'll say goodbye to blogger, but if you still want to come by and say hello, I'd love to see you. I'll be here from now on.

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