10 May 2017

what if?

Our American democracy doesn't seem to be working right now.

People don't feel represented by those who are supposed to represent us. Our votes don't feel counted when we collectively choose one candidate but the mysterious Electoral College gives us someone else. And when we look to our nation's leaders in Congress who are supposed to be moving us forward into a brighter tomorrow, it looks more like a bunch of children sticking their tongues out at each other and saying, "If I can't have it, then you can't have it, either!"

01 May 2017


We're starting to pack up to leave Germany (in 25 days!), and I learned a wonderful Japanese expression for this decision-making process:


This is roughly translated as "Does it spark joy?"

If yes, then keep. Add to your joy.

If no, then toss. (Or give away, recycle, donate, etc.) Be free.

So simple.

Less clutter = more happiness.