20 September 2015

a love story in 52 seconds

I just attended the Central Coast Writer's Conference, and this was one of the highlights: a love story in fifty-two seconds. Enjoy.

16 September 2015

good news network


I love new beginnings: new years, birthdays, and the start of a new school year. My husband teaches, and my daughters are both going to "school" this fall, so there is a palpable excitement in our house about the new chapter beginning soon. (School starts on Monday.)

If you're in need of a pick-me-up, and the usual bad-news news is bringing you down, I've found the Good News Network to be a great source of good deeds and happy events.

Here's a rundown of some recent happenings:

Why 100 Black Men In Suits Were Cheering by a School Bus 
Mexico Asked Graffiti Artists To Paint An Entire Town – Joy Was the Result

He Hauls His Upright Piano to Beaches and Parks Just to Make Your Day

-  Quiet Time Program Brings Radical Improvement To Schools Worldwide

It's nice to be reminded that the world is a good place.