07 May 2009


(April 9, 2009)

[First, click on the bottom right corner of the slide show to stop it. You may even need to go back a frame or two. You have a green field with a grey sky? Okay, great. Now, you can relax and read a few sentences before diving in.]

Morocco was intense, vast, beautiful, and not at all what I expected. To begin, it was incredibly lush. When our plane touched down in Casablanca, I was surprised to see so much green (the first photo of the slide show below, with a bit of runway on the bottom edge). On our train rides to Marrakech and Fes, the view out the window was of endless fields of green, rolling hills, herds of sheep-- and more green fields, occasionally filled with red poppies or yellow or orange or purple flowers. I had signed up for a camel trek through the world's largest desert and wondered if I'd landed in the right place.

As it turned out, Morocco had it all: the lush fields of wildflowers, but also rocky mountains, red mountains, green mountains, white snow-capped mountains and, of course, the Sahara Desert. And that doesn't even begin to describe the old medinas with their winding, narrow alleys, tiny stalls selling anything and everything, and examples of beautiful carvings and mosaic work around every corner. The attention to detail was astounding. But enough talk.

Here is a slide show of our trip. Enjoy!

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