07 May 2009

a fresh start

(March 21, 2009)

So, I'm leaving blogger. Blogger and I have had a great relationship, but it has run its course. We will probably check in with one another from time to time and still be friendly, but it's time for me to move on.

So, here I am. (Looking around.) Pretty swanky, no? A perfect tabula rasa.

I think a positive beginning is important. My old blog was born from witnessing death. I felt like I had to fight death or preach life in every post. I avoided getting too personal and blogged daily and then every weekday (blah blah blah), sometimes even inserting random newsbits just to fill space (hanging head in shame).

It's time for a new beginning.

This new chapter will be born from rainbows and puppies. Except that I'm not a rainbows and puppies person. So, let's say instead that this blog open creative space will be the lovechild of creamy homemade French vanilla ice cream topped with fresh strawberries and backpacking around the world with my best friend.

In other words, sweet freedom.

I'll only post something when I actually have something interesting to share (there's a novel idea). Plus, I still want to celebrate life, and it's still me writing, so it's not that different. Like getting a drastic haircut, post-breakup, we're never quite as different as we expect to be. It's still me, but with short hair.

Now, just like the morning of one's birthday or of New Year's Day, even though the world hasn't really changed, life feels a twinkle different. Like we've been given a second chance to get things right. So, here goes.

Love affair with life, take 2.

P.S. I'll be in Morocco (and briefly in Amsterdam) until the end of the month, so I'll see you in April.

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