21 May 2009

hoof and anvil, tiny tornadoes and one happy island

Last night, my partner and I went to Toad, a perfectly tiny bar in Porter Square. We met a nice musician at a barbecue a few weeks ago who told us his band, One Happy Island, would be performing soon, so we decided to go support him.

Hoof and Anvil opened with folksy acoustic mellow goodness; sibling duo Tiny Tornadoes was up next with energetic hooting and an impressive, soulful female vocalist (Shira); and One Happy Island was last, with a wide variety of instruments and what truly sounded like a happy island. (I think it was the ukelele that did it, but the trumpet and bells are strong contenders, too.)

My conclusion: I need to listen to live music more often. Did I mention that admission was free? And that artists like G. Love and Special Sauce got their start at Toad?


And speaking of music, I need some new stuff. I'm thinking mellow but fun and worldly. Like if Jack Johnson, Ozomatli, Thievery Corporation and Dido had a musical baby. Any recommendations?

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