04 March 2009

Everything is possible

Or at least, it's the title of both of these videos, which are pretty neat in very different ways.

The first everything is possible shows what happens when people try to do crazy and/or impossible things-- and actually pull it off. Complete with "Unchained Melody" remix and "Con Te Partiro" ending. (You can always turn the sound off if those aren't your thing.)

And here is a mesmerizing commercial entitled "everything is possible" of penguins flying.

Okay. It's beautiful 'footage,' but it isn't real. Here's how they made it, and here's BBC's April Fools' ad, "Flying Penguins on BBC Documentary," putting it all together. And it sounds like several British media outlets joined forces with the BBC (or perhaps fell for the joke), including the Telegraph, to break the 'miracle in evolution' story.

abc lists some other entertaining April Fools' jokes from 2008, including U.K. Chancellor Alistair Darling scratching lottery tickets in response to the weakening economy in this priceless photo:

and French President Sarkosy undergoing Stature Augmentation Treatment so as to be taller than his wife.

I was pretty impressed with how large in scale these were, and I think we need to step up our April Fools' efforts this year. Anyone with me?

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