05 March 2009

Education and choosing who to rob

Education is a tough nut to crack. They seem to be trying everything to improve it. There are now standing desks, so students can fidget and blow off all the energy they want.

A fifth-grader is on a crusade to pass a law prohibiting homework (video)-- and garnering a surprising amount of support.

In Colorado, they're getting rid of grade levels and putting students in different 'levels' for each subject in what is being dubbed video-game progress, in which one stays at a level until they pass it.

And lastly, when choosing who to rob, thieves should remember that appearances can be deceiving. In England, a teen tried to rob a 72-year-old woman-- only to discover she was a champion sprinter when she was younger.

As Jean Hirst later recollected:
"She had a head start but I covered 70 yards in about 15 seconds and was within two strides of her when she looked over her shoulder and saw me. She probably thought I was an easy target but she shouldn't have judged a book by its cover. The look on her face was one of sheer amazement and she just threw my bag aside."

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