12 February 2009

Sharing and the power of green, blue and red

Sharing is good. Here are two nice stories:

- a Canadian shared his lottery winnings with the waitresses that used to help him pick lottery numbers, giving them each $30,000.

- a Texan couple bid $20,000 on ebay for a family in Georgia that had put all of their possessions online to help pay for their children's medical bills. And then told the family they could keep their furniture and other goods.

If you'd like a free love e-book (just in time for Valentine's Day), click here. The description of the book:
I’m delighted to present you with a fantastic new option for Valentine’s Day. This one doesn’t die or wilt (flowers), it doesn’t harm trees (greeting cards) and it doesn’t cause a sugar high, a sugar low or unsightly poundage (candy).
My favorite was the last poem. The book is only available through the 14th, and you can donate to Career Gear if you'd like (but it isn't required).

In green power news, I was surprised to learn that the U.S. is the top producer of wind power in the world and expects to overtake Germany in becoming the top producer of solar power in the coming year as well. And google is pushing smart meters-- which do sound pretty smart.

And lastly, color matters. Want to look more attractive? Think more precisely? Be more creative? Check out the NYT article, "Reivent Wheel? Blue Room. Defusing a bomb? Red Room."

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