03 February 2009

The power of ordinary women and other discoveries

Women + respect for life = amazing power. And the first female president in Africa. Amazing story that I learned about in this op-ed.

The "25 Things" has really caught on, and it's been really fun reading everyone's lists. Thanks for sharing! Keep 'em coming!

And in my further study of this crazy internet thing, I've come across some nice places to visit (in no particular order):

- zenhabits, where you can read about the secret to being insanely creative, for example.

- postsecret, where art and secrets combine. Some are heartbreaking.

- lyved, which abounds with life lists. Some are better than others, but they are interesting to ponder nonetheless.

- 43things, where you post a goal and can be cheered on as you make progress.

Sometimes, even commercials can be works of art, like this one (a 'time sculpture'). It reminds me of how much I loved this old favorite (with the great song, "Heartbeats," by Jose Gonzales) when I first saw it.

Oh, and the world's weirdest hotels. I stayed at the Celica in Ljubljana (#6 of 15), and their photo doesn't do it justice at all. Yes, it is a converted prison, but it is really a work of art. The outside is bright and colorful, and the interior is filled with artistic details. A different artist designed each room, and there are some absolutely beautiful rooms there now. Like the blue room in which my partner and I stayed:

I took this photo, and it doesn't quite capture the room, either, which is a loft! If you look up, the round thing is actually a round bed that we slept in. Lofts + round beds = pretty groovy. Oh, I just found more photos, so here are some more details of the art in our room:

From our round loft bed.

A close-up of our wall.

And this last one is where you check email, next to where you eat. As they picked the dreariest photo, I just felt I had to show the true (vibrant) colors of the Celica. No, I am not getting paid to clear their name, and yes, I highly recommend going there.

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