06 February 2009

Educating the creativity out

One of my students pointed me to this video, in which Sir Ken Robinson talks about modern education. You may already have heard that education today is structured in more or less the same way it was two hundred years ago-- in other words, when education was designed to create better factory workers. So, many have argued that while innovation and creativity may not have been as appreciated in a human=cog setting (and even seen as inconvenient, a waste of time and 'rocking the boat' for some), times have changed, and education, too, needs to adapt to the new world.

I agree with much of what Robinson says (and with good humor, too)-- the question is how do we reward creativity in schools? How can one assess another's creativity? What if little Johnny does the best he can, and it just isn't that creative? Some argue for project- and portfolio-based assessment, but do exams and papers not have their place? What do you think?

If you were to design a truly well-rounded modern education, preparing today's youth for both modern society and the future that they will rule, how would you design it?

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