11 February 2009

Books or electronic readers?

Wow. I've been a real-book snob, but just look at this fancy new gadget: the kindle 2. People who have a Sony Reader claim that it feels like reading a page rather than a screen, but I clung to my old paper and cardboard relics like my life depended on it. Now, though, wow! I'm not running out and buying one of these, but maybe by the time the kindle 3 comes out, I might go crazy for it. Hmm.

A strange argument against it that comes to mind, though, is that I want my children to read real books. One would likely point out that I have no children at the moment. Right, BUT if children mimic everything parents do, then parents should read real books (and develop good habits before the little ones come along). It isn't fair to read a sleek little thingamabob when the kids are sleeping and then haul out the encyclopedias when they're around-- and many kids are clever enough to figure out that something is fishy when the dusty old tomes come out and their parents are just a little too smiley.

So, what's your take? Real books or fancy electronic readers? Real books at home and a doodad for traveling or commuting on the subway to work? How would that work when one was halfway through a book? Would one have to own both the real and electronic versions? Yikes.

I do love the feel of a real book, though: turning the pages, seeing steady progress and finally getting to the end. So, for now, I'll stick with the real deal. Kids or no kids. Yay. I resisted the temptation of a shiny new gadget. And when kindle 3 comes out, I'll take deep breaths and try not to look. Whoa. I just checked to see how much these devices actually cost, and the kindle 2 costs a whopping $359, and the Sony Reader, the 'more affordable alternative,' cashes in at $269.

So, yes, as I was saying, real books are the way to go.

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