23 February 2009

Falling in love with change

An old friend recently told me she's been wanting to leave Asia and move back to the States for ten years, and I know someone else who has wanted to go from the States back to Asia for equally long. Seeing how unhappy they were in their current lives made me question my desire to move back overseas. When I say I was so happy living in _______ and want to move back overseas again, what am I looking for? Are we actually happier in those places we seek? Or are we just looking for something new and different?

President Obama's change campaign is obvious-- people were dissatisfied with life under George W. Bush, so change was generally considered desirable. In most of our normal lives, however, change is not necessarily obviously better than no-change. So, why do we seek change? Are we just bored?

And what about 'people fear change?' Well, funny enough-- the people who talk about wanting change are often the same people who don't actually change anything. So, yes. We love it and fear it. And if we should follow what we love and fear, then it seems we should all embrace change.

So, what is something that you're scared of but cannot stop thinking about? What's preventing you from trying it?

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