20 January 2009

What is this Internet thing?

Okay, I have officially been living under a rock. My friend introduced me to the world wide web that I thought I had been using. Apparently, I had only been in the Internet airport and and had always taken off before seeing anything. Well, not anymore! From now on, I'm going to walk around town and marvel at all the amazing things out there.

So, here you go. Six of the coolest things I found in this crazy place called Internet (aka Procrastination Land). It's a lot of clicking through, so not for the faint of heart (i.e., those who want to get work done). Enjoy!

1. The coolest batteries ever. You recharge them by plugging them into your USB port. Genius!

2. People art. Those Turks know how to move... (And for the record, yes, it is a bank commercial. A work-of-art bank commercial.)

3. The hotel room of the future. No angles anywhere. You can change the color on the walls. A robot brings you drinks. A bathroom mirror that doubles as a computer screen so you can check your email. Whoa, right? And get this! The clincher? You can tell the bed to rock you to sleep, and it will. Voice command + bed that rocks you to sleep = neato.

4. Four life skills learned from living overseas. Not sure if you'll need them right away, but it probably wouldn't hurt to have them in your arsenal.

5. If you just want to be completely depressed or feel your life is tough and need to put it in perspective, just read this or this. Very powerful, very sad. Why is there so much suffering in the world?

6. In order to feel hopeful again, here are six eco-warriors and six pretty incredible kids, who are already making the world a better place. And Razoo's 100 top charities, in case you feel inspired.

And the bonus #7! A phone that you don't have to plug into a wall called a cellular phone. Amazing! Just kidding. I've heard of those and even use one. Occasionally.

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