09 January 2009

Secret world travel

So, it may seem rather ridiculous and strange, but I didn't really tell anyone I was going to South America. Why? Well, you know: the economy, people getting laid off and losing their shirts in both stocks and retirement funds. Not quite the time to brag about distant travels. So, pretend it was just some random person on the internet who wrote this.

But I have to tell someone: I got to see penguins! And they're awesome. I thought they lived on large, floating blocks of ice. Not always, apparently. Here is what I saw:

Grasslands! Who woulda thunk? But there you go. A highlight from my trip. Oh, and I will only post on weekdays from now on. I don't know exactly who is reading my blog, but I can see the numbers, and it looks like people relax from the internet (i.e., don't procrastinate from work) on the weekends-- so I will, too. :-)

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