26 January 2009

Facebook, friends and the future

I finally spent some time on facebook this past weekend. Yes, I'd had an account for a while, but I never took the time to seek out old friends. I'd just accepted whoever wanted to be friends (well, except for people I either didn't know or didn't feel were actually friends).

It was pretty mindblowing. Friends from middle school, high school, college-- people I hadn't seen in ages and ages-- were all there. Many, smiling with spouses and babies, and many, working in fancy jobs. Time flies, and so much happens-- and the miracle is that when you reach out to long, lost friends, it's as if you saw each other last week. It's a beautiful experience, and I feel so grateful to have connected with such amazing people. Thank you!

Meanwhile, the future has arrived:

And it looks pretty cool. Have you had a moment when you were stuck in traffic, and you suddenly remembered the Jetsons? And you dreamed of your own flying car soaring high above the 405 (and that jerk who saw you signalling and sped up)? Well, boys and girls, don't let the grouchy adults get to you, because sometimes dreams do come true. More info here.

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