19 May 2011

last look at oruro, bolivia

Here's one last look at Oruro...

There was definitely a variety of architecture:

One of the post offices:

Some downtown eateries:

These Carnaval sidewalk murals were some of the largest and most intricate I'd seen:

Speaking of sidewalks, Oruro had some really lovely ones:

This was one of the coolest things we didn't do in Bolivia: ride the bus train.  It makes perfect sense: change existing buses so they can be used on existing train tracks.  The only problem is they only run a few times a week, so it didn't fit with our schedule this time around.

There were some great old cars in Oruro.  I especially liked these VWs.

One of the dancers had had a bit too much beer and was trying to chat up my partner.

And two last images of Oruro's Carnaval.  Just amazing.