02 May 2011

cochabamba to oruro, bolivia

Traveling by land is nice because you can digest everything you've experienced and prepare yourself for the next adventure.  It was amazing to see my partner's old friends and family, where he grew up and went to school, and it was nice to see how loved he was, even after years of being away.

From Cochabamba, we headed by bus to Oruro, famous for offering the best of Bolivia's many Carnaval parades.

I'm not sure what was going on here, but there were tons of people crammed in these trucks.

Our first glimpse of Oruro's bus station was surprisingly in English:

Here are some more images of Oruro.  I don't know how this small town became the center of Bolivian Carnaval, but it's why everyone goes there-- and it's totally worth it.

I like how ads are hand-painted on walls.  And how the walls were painted in such vibrant colors.

And of course, no Bolivian town would be complete without its awesome colorful buses.  I wish buses here looked like these!

Next up: Carnaval!

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