31 May 2011

carnaval in la paz, bolivia

The main difference between Carnaval in Oruro and Carnaval in La Paz were all of the clowns in La Paz.  There were tons of different costumes in Oruro but zero clowns.  In La Paz, you see many of the same types of groups as you'd see in Oruro, but with groups of dancing clowns thrown in.

La Paz's awesome zebra crossing guards were also part of the parade to remind you  not to litter:

This group of dancers had wooden shoes with spikes that jingled and clacked as they stepped:

Here's more of the Carnaval celebrations in La Paz.  Enjoy!

Look at those skirt layers!

These groups may be from the eastern part of Bolivia, which is tropical Amazonian rainforest.

Poor girl:

The locals said it was a compliment to be attacked by water guns/foam/water balloons-- "the pretty girls always get the most."

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