01 April 2011

april fool's

Well, that (last post) was depressing.

So, let's review some of the better April Fool's pranks.  Laughter does a body good.

- Gmail motion, where you can control your email with your body.  The guy they picked for the video demonstration is awesome.

- Starbucks mobile pour, where a barista on a scooter will deliver your half-caf mocha soy latte if you are between corners (insert Starbucks on every corner joke here).

 - The Huffington Post's hilarious spoof on the New York Times' recent digital subscription: you can see the first six letters for free but need a digital subscription to see more.

- NPR's Lasik-like procedure so you would see in 3D all the time-- and wear corrective lenses when you wanted to see real life.

 - Ryanair's child-free flights, inspired by a "Europe-wide survey of 1000 passengers" who stated that their flights had been ruined by other people's children and that they would pay more to be on child-free flights.

- Virgin's Richard Branson buys Pluto and reinstates it as a planet.

And there were some other random ones that deserved an honorable mention:

- alien sightings correlate with U.S. home prices
- ebook recycling
- alarm company's program to help criminals transition into used car salesman
- the 3D monocle that's "so real, you'd think you were using both eyes"
- the guy selling nothing on ebay (going for over $20, last time I looked)

The best pranks seem to come from the good ol' BBC, though, because their pranks are so clever, people actually believe them.  Like their "documentary" of penguins flying.  Here are a few more highlights.


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