01 April 2011

why do people confuse muslims and terrorists?

NY Times
I just don't understand how this Pastor Terry Jones can condemn an entire religion.  I wonder if he has traveled to a Muslim country, how many Muslims he knows well-- if any.  And how can a religious man burn a holy text and not feel remorse?  It breaks my heart and really embarrasses me.

NY Times
It isn't any wonder, then, that there is so much anti-American sentiment.  The sad part is that all these angry Muslims that attacked the UN in Afghanistan and killed four Nepalese and three Europeans (a Romanian, a Swede and a Norwegian) are taking out their frustration with this one pastor and applying it to all Americans.  But because Mazar-i-Sharif is considered "among the safest cities in Afghanistan," and there were no Americans readily available to attack, these poor UN workers from Asia and Europe took the brunt of their anger.

It seems so obvious to me that there are plenty of nice, intelligent Muslims, as well as plenty of nice, intelligent Americans-- if we could just take the 0.0001% of crazy fanatics that do these shockingly offensive things and show them the humanity of the "other," it seems we could probably all get along pretty well.

Can't we all just practice peace, love and understanding?  I'm pretty sure it's what most people want.

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