26 July 2014

life hacks from quora

I love quora.  Life hacks, interesting and thoughtful questions and answers, and a great way to procrastinate learn about a variety of topics.

For example, my drawers are never going to look the same again after seeing this (and I have a pair of jeans I could resurrect with the second lifehack, too):
Tips and Hacks for Everyday Life: What can I learn right now in just 10 minutes that could be useful for the rest of my life?Tricia HoseinTricia HoseinSerendipity3.7k upvotes by Garrick SaitoPat BurnsGautam Ganesh(more)
Place T-shirts in drawer vertically instead of laying them flat. Easier to find and so much more added room!
This works perfectly and came in handy this weekend when I wore my favorite jeans that has a zipper that refuses to stay up.
Or if you like useless information random trivia:
Why do people drive above the speed limit?Matt WassermanMatt WassermanI'm a doctor, I'm a lawyer, I'... (more) 170 upvotes by Garrick SaitoWing ChauRobert Frost(more)Because speed limits are no longer set the way they should be.  
Back in the day, highway speed limits were determined by the 85th percentile speed of the drivers who used them. A new road would be built, and no speed limit would be posted. Traffic engineers would observe the road for a while, and the speed limit would be set based on the highest speed 85% of the drivers used.  
Over time, it became pretty easy to predict what the 85th percentile speed for a given road would be based on past results. So speed limits became standardized and limits were determined by the roads themselves. 
And then came Jimmy Carter.  
Using a reasonably clever end around the Constitution, he imposed a Federally Mandated National Speed Limit of 55MPH.  
It was supposed to save lives, but it didn't.  
It was supposed to save oil, and it did. By the government's own numbers, worldwide oil reserves would last 10 weeks longer thanks to the new speed limits.  
But boy did it generate revenues. Lots of them. Because the 85th percentile speed didn't change to match the new speed limits. And once a bureaucracy finds a revenue source, it can be very difficult to get them to let go of it. That was eventually overcome by politicians need to raise money themselves, and get votes.

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