31 July 2014

bye bye, mommy guilt

Today, I had a beautiful day with my friend who is a full-time stay-at-home mom.  She constantly researches and creates amazing activities for her two daughters, and when she invited my daughter and me to go for a hike today, I bolted out the door with daughter in hand.  My daughter is two years old and has never been on a hike, and it's about time I shared this experience with her.  
I run a business and have more or less neglected my daughter for the last two years.  I'm just starting to catch my breath with my business and spend more quality time with my daughter, and this mom is an inspiration to me.
So, it was a big surprise when she said she felt less-than for not having a job and guilty for not showing her daughters that a woman can be a capable professional outside of the home.  The exact opposite of my feeling guilty that I am always working and never plan anything more than an hour at the playground with my girl while my friend is planning Science Thursdays and trips to waterparks with hers.  
So, my mental traffic says I'm a bad mom, hers says she's one for the opposite reasons, and I realized it is all a load of you-know-what.
If we love our kids and do the best we can, then they'll see that is what life is-- balancing mountains of competing choices and trying to make it work.  Isn't that enough?

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