21 July 2009

utah's national parks

The parks we visited in Utah were absolutely breathtaking-- and absolutely hot. We camped for almost two weeks and showered about twice during that time (be glad you weren't with us then). Most campgrounds didn't have showers, and some didn't even have water, but we were generally right inside the parks, which made being stinky totally worthwhile.

Here are some highlights.

Arches National Park:

Canyonlands National Park:

Capitol Reef National Park with its rainbow-striped mountains:

Bryce Canyon, the crown jewel of Utah for good reason:

Zion National Park:

- our first glimpse from the car:

- my partner hiking up with chain assistance in 105F heat (we regretted that one later):

- the river running through the canyon (a reward of our afternoon hike):

Next up: Arizona's Antelope Canyon and the Grand Canyon. Except that I fell behind, and now, we're boarding a plane to Australia and New Zealand.

So, we'll be back in a month, unless we find some friendly internet cafes. See you then! Happy August!


  1. Amazing! Thanks for letting us tag along on your adventure via monchichiandtheserendipityberries. Miss you and A! <333

  2. Thanks, Jenee! And thanks for visiting my blog. We miss you, too!