20 July 2009

from the prairies to the mountains...

Traveling across the U.S. has shown me just how impressive and majestic this country is. And how incredibly vast. I can't imagine traveling these thousands of miles by wagon, stage coach, by foot-- or even without air conditioning, as we've hit highs in the 115F range.

We drove from the prairies of South Dakota and Nebraska into Wyoming, which was so untouched with its valleys and plateaus that I wouldn't have been surprised if we had seen a brontosaurus ambling out from behind the next rolling hill.

We visited a friend in Denver and then drove into the Rockies. Denver was an adorable (and surprisingly flat) city which reminded me of San Francisco or Boston because of its size and population: small city with a cute downtown, beautiful architecture and tons of young, athletic and attractive people.

We were there on a Wednesday evening, and an army of pub crawlers in Hawaiian attire rode by us on their bikes. Apparently, "Don't any of these people have jobs?" is a common question asked in Denver.

Here are some more Denver shots:

And their fire trucks are white. I remember being surprised when I saw that fire trucks in Hawaii were yellow. I wonder what other colors are out there.

Next up: Utah and the mindblowing national parks in the Four Corners region.

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