29 June 2009

blast off!

Yesterday, our place went from chaos to a city of cardboard skyscrapers to an empty (and surprisingly sunny) space.

We hosted a little dessert shindig to help finish up our homemade ice cream, frozen berries and leftover brownies (yum); headed to a friend's birthday party, which ended up including both snazzy Daedalus and seedy Witney's, with a slice of heavenly Pinocchio's in between; and said goodbye to beloved friends.

It was the perfect way to finish off our Cantabrigia lives.

Last night, we also slept in our tent, which was partly to make sure we knew how to put it up, partly to seal the seams and partly because it was like playing fort (the fancy grown-up version). I think the world would be a better place if people played more fort. And sheets thrown over couches with couch cushions tossed on the floor as safety rocks from lava (the floor) work just as well.

Also, while other women may swoon over fancy high heels, I am officially in love with our tent, which we put up in seconds and looks like a dorky turtle shell.

Meet Ralph:

Who could resist that sweet dome? (Don't answer.)

So, may Ralph keep us safe and dry as we camp through the national parks!

And today, we embark on a year of travel.


Usually, I never get up at 6am, unless I'm flying somewhere fun-- and today, like a first grader on the first day of school, I was wide awake and ready to go even before 6:00.

So, here we go! Blast off!

First stop: New York City.

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