04 November 2008

Jumping for joy (and the right to vote)

Lest people think this blog is all depressing stories, all the time, here is another photo essay. A 100% happy one. Seeing people jumping makes me happy, and I hope it brightens your day a little, too. Enjoy!

Yay for Election Day! Here's more silliness:

Republicans are red,
Democrats are blue,
Even though I'm 100% OBAMA,
No matter how you vote, I'll still love you.

Serendipity berries for everyone! Now, go out and VOTE!

"Bad politicians are sent to Washington by good people who don't vote."
- William E. Simon


  1. I love jumping! It is so much fun and expresses such emotion. Ronald and I jump around, skip, and hop all the time =)

  2. I enjoyed your seasonal photos. It's very Claude Monet of you;)

    The jumping is fun, too;)