12 December 2013

biking in vegas

The internet never ceases to amaze me.  Even as an occasional blogger, I've connected with lovely people and groups I wouldn't have met otherwise and feel very lucky to still be a part of this nebulous but huge, growing and very active community.

One recent connection is with Bridget, who has discovered joy in biking around Las Vegas.  Not what one usually associates with the glittering, play-all-night, what-happens-there-stays-there city.  But it turns out she isn't the only one.  This New York Times article also talks about his experience on one of these newer trails.

And here's Bridget, my first guest blogger.  Welcome, Bridget!  Thanks for finding me. :-)

Biking in Las Vegas has never been better!
There were times when I used to spend so long at the gym that I would be there until 9 at night.  This was after working the entire day and getting off at 5.  I hated how there were so many people in the gym, sweating and cramped together.  It always reminded me of an animal running around in a cage.  However, I did not realize that there was another way to exercise.  Other people felt that riding a bike outside, going for a run, or exercising without a gym was great, but I felt this was not a good idea due to pollution being an issue outside.  It was not until I moved to a new place that I discovered the workout regimen a person has would vary depending on what city they live in.  This is why moving to Las Vegas was a revelation for me.  I realized that instead of it making me an indoor person when working out, the opposite happened.
Las Vegas at first was intimidating to me in the terms of working out.  Where in the world was I going to go in order to exercise there?  Not only was it incredibly hot outside, there was also a large amount of people walking around outside, both drunk and sober. Sin City did not seem like the best place for a workout regimen.  However, I realize now that Las Vegas does in fact have great places to work out!  They are outside in some of the most natural settings that you will be able to find.
Because of all of the entertainment available in Las Vegas, many people tend to forget it is located in the Mojave. This landscape is unbelievably beautiful and consists of miles and miles of lovely bike trails.  When I bike here, I use this knowledge to my advantage.  However, I always ensure that I am safe and on trails that will not allow me to get lost, a thing that would be terrible in the desert.
One of the most exciting developments in Las Vegas is also one that many people do not realize is there.  Recently, the city of Las Vegas received the honor of being deemed one of America’s Cycle-Friendly Cities.  The League of American Bicyclists gave them this honor, which was exciting to me.  Not only was this unexpected, but something that I felt was very cool.  It is not a surprising thing, though, after having lived here.  The city recently spent around half a million dollars installing brand new lockers and bike racks downtown, as well as amassing 390 miles of lanes for bikes!  
If you happen to be traveling to Las Vegas, you need to use this site to find activities and accommodations that are fitness friendly.  This site shows you the options for activities and hotels based on your preferences.  Before moving here, I stayed a few times to decide if it would be a permanent thing.  I not only discovered a great deal of great gyms, but hotels that offered fitness advice at the front desk, which only made it a better decision to move to Las Vegas.
Las Vegas is actually showing a great improvement by displaying a variety of health conscious drinks and food options.  This is easily seen by the fact that countless juice bars, along with vegan, vegetarian, and Paleo restaurants have been popping up around the city.  If you do not believe me, simply come check it out!  You will be surprised and satisfied.

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