04 November 2013

what a seventeen-month-old baby already sees

I took my seventeen-month-old baby to the playground this morning, and she stopped in her tracks on the landing right before going down the slide to stare at a teenage boy, maybe sixteen or seventeen years old, who was rummaging through a trash can for something to eat.  I don't know what made her stop and stare, but at the end of it, she decided she was scared.  She didn't go to her usual winding tube slide and slid down the straight, open slide right into my arms instead.  What did she already detect at such a young age?  It makes me sad, and I hope that boy's future looks up.

On the other side of the tire swing was a man who had just come from surfing in the waves below and was changing into fancy work clothes behind his shiny Volvo.  When he emerged in his shiny shoes, I said, "Presto change-O" and wished him a nice day.  You'd never guess he was the surfer who had walked up the path just moments before.

What different lives.


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