10 January 2013

happy 2013

Happy new year.  I hope your 2013 is off to a fabulous start.

It seems the theme for this year is "I don't believe in New Year's resolutions."  Not because people don't want to constantly better themselves but because they don't want to be limited to only doing so on New Year's.  Fair enough.

As for me, I like fresh starts and take them whenever I can.  Today's not January 1st anymore, but I'm claiming it as my New Year's because it's the first day I've actually had a little downtime.  Nice, no?  It's empowering to say today is the start of a fantastic new chapter-- and I guess we could say that every morning...

So, what are your goals for this year?  Here's mine:

1.  Make family my first priority.

That's it.  Yes, I also want to drink more water, resume my pre-pregnancy yoga practice, clean my house, etc.  But I want to put my baby first, before my business, instead of dragging her along on all of my work errands without consideration for her needs.

Her seven months on this earth have flown by, and I know it'll only continue to zoom by ever more quickly.  I don't want to miss it.  So, here goes.

May your 2013 be filled with love, joy and good choices. 

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