29 June 2011

incahuasi island, bolivia

In the middle of the giant white salt plain of Salar de Uyuni, there is a rocky island covered with towering cacti.  It's otherworldly.

So, you're driving across a sea of white, and then you get to this "coast":

 You climb up the hill, and after a few structures on the front of the island, it's nothing but cacti and rocks.

Giant cacti, I should specify:

Bolivia wants to let you know whose territory you're in:

When you get to the top, you see the sea of white stretching in every direction.  It looks like a cross between water and clouds.

The sun felt like it was just sitting on the horizon from the low angle, but it was super bright.

We also came across these coral-like formations as we were hiking up and down:

And I never knew until I saw this sign that cacti could live for 900 years.  Wow.