14 October 2010

lottery ticket art and bus art

Artists are great at using nontraditional media for their art, and I thought this was especially provocative. Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom started collecting discarded lottery tickets and wanted to tap into the losing tickets' representation of lost dreams. They explain their lottery art sculptures:
We started to collect tons and tons and talk about what people dream about when they play the lottery. Then we did some serious research to find out what people buy when they do win the lottery. Through our research we found that most people, after they win the lottery, the first thing they do is buy a car.
The artists tried to match the lottery ticket dollar value to the dollar value of the item depicted, so the Hummer used $39,000 worth of discarded tickets, and this "Dream Home" used $70,000 of losing tickets.

It's sad that so many people spent the money on those tickets, but what a fantastic recycling job-- and one that might provide a visual financial lesson.

When I first saw this article on treehugger, I thought it was really cool.

But then I saw the comments and realized it would actually use more fuel to drag all of that around (not so green, after all) and that the photo wasn't even real. And one of the commenters posted the original photo, which is pretty convincing.

Oh, well. At least people are trying to do something good. (And the Photoshop artist did a pretty good job.)


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