05 September 2010

encarnación, paraguay (part ii)

So, we set off for the second mission near Encarnación, Jesús de Tavarangue. We walked along a scenic road and along the highway for a bit before we found a bus that would take us down the next dirt road to the mission.

The bus was a trip in itself.

It really was a case of the journey being as enjoyable as the destination:

We saw several trucks and cars in this pretty blue that matched the bright Paraguayan sky:

When we finally reached the mission, we were the last ones on the bus:

This mission felt newer with neater stonework than the first one, and the doorways were beautiful.

It seemed like all it needed was a roof, and it could be a lovely place to worship again.

But we liked it most for its scenery. While La Santisima Trinidad del Parana was situated on an open expanse of lush green grass, the Jesús de Tavarangue was perched on a more dramatic hillside next to rolling hills with different shades of yellow-green, blue-green and our more standard Crayola green.

One of the best parts of seeing ruins is the openness, how the sky acts as the ceiling, and there are no doors or windows separating you from the nature outside.

After a peaceful picnic of ham and cheese sandwiches (all we seemed to eat in Paraguay), we said goodbye to the old mission and started our journey towards Argentina.

We crossed the border on foot from Ciudad del Este and made our way towards Iguazu falls. At this intersection of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, it was a mob of buses, people and vendors.

And Pringles.

And soon, we were leaving Paraguay and entering Argentina.

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