11 January 2010

world tour itinerary take iii

Happy new year! I'm optimistic 2010 is going to be absolutely amazing. So, let's begin!

We've completely changed our travel plans, and I'm really excited.

Old plan: go to Taiwan and Thailand in January and work our way west via India, Turkey and Greece to western Europe, where we were going to catch our one-way flight from Madrid to Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro in March and then work our way back up to the States to arrive by summer 2010.

Cut to: we were in Mexico spending the holidays with my (wonderful) in-laws, and when we were going to fly back to L.A., our flight was overbooked, and we got vouchers for $400 each. Woo hoo! We went back the next day and got another $400 each (totaling a whopping $1600 for our two-day delay). This works nicely when you have a home to go back to (and in-laws nice enough to drive you to and from the airport).

So, long story short, we were only going to be in L.A. for two days before flying to Taipei, and staying in Mexico for an extra two days meant pushing back our flight to Taipei. And since we had to rebook our flights anyway, we've decided to go to South America instead of Asia so that we can meet up with family in Buenos Aires and catch carnival in Bolivia. Yay!

So! New plan: we'll be in South America from January to March and doing our westward Asia to Europe trip from March to June. Anyone want to meet up anywhere in there?


  1. Saludos! Happy 2010 to you and A! I'm so jealous... Have fun in Buenos Aires, have a bowl of niu rou mien for me in Taipei!

  2. Saludos and happy new year, Jenee! We miss you! We'll try to drown our sorrows in bowls and bowls of niu rou mien...